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Strategies That Will Help You Handle More Than One Project At A Time

Strategies That Will Help You Handle More Than One Project At A Time

Finding yourself with only one project during your career will be extremely rare and if everyone that is reading this were to answer the question “how many of you are handling more than one project right now?” a majority would raise their hands.

Not only would you have to take care of the big budget and demanding projects, but you would also have with them smaller projects that you need to care of that require multiple mind spaces which can be hell to manage.

You’d also be on different pages with each project, and that is something that requires a lot of switching.

Let us look at some of the methods through which you can tackle said problems.


1.      Blocking time

In order to better focus your mind on one task and also to increase productivity, you can always make a time frame for each job that you have to do on that day so that you increase productivity for the said project without the constraints of multitasking between a lot of tasks. But it is important to let your team members know about the schedule that you keep so that you aren’t interrupted all too often.

2.      Intense focus

It is important to concentrate on the work at hand and not get distracted by anything else. Make sure you are in a surrounding that you are comfortable with. You should also mind the lighting since having extremely dim lights will make you very sleepy. You can also listen to music that isn’t very distracting. Make sure to avoid checking up on your social media and staying on it for a long time.

3.      Prioritize your work

Identification of the right work that you need to do at a certain time is of maximum importance, and in order to do this, you need to learn how to prioritize. Make sure to concentrate on the work that you need to complete as soon as possible or the work that you are falling behind if you have time for all the other projects. You also need to identify the priority of each task assigned to you so that you yourself can prioritize better.

4.      How far have you come?

You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to fall behind and in order to avoid this, it is essential to keep track of all the progress that you make on a regular basis. You can either make notes or use management software to make this easier.

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