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Here at Atlas Business Software we take customer support very seriously. Key developers of core software components directly answer customers’ questions and our highly trained helpdesk professionals help them install, maintain and fine-tune their systems.

Atlas customers work in tight cooperation with our engineers and get professional advice about both Atlas timesheet software and information technology in general.

You can always expect Atlas to answer the call and go beyond. Just ask us how we can help. Atlas Business Software has the following service and support offerings:

Training Services
Atlas Timesheet’s productivity solutions are simple and intuitive to use requiring no training. If you need training, our highly trained professionals can get your users up to speed quickly with in-house classroom or online-training programs.

Data Export Services
Atlas Timesheet’s open data model allows data to be exported to Accounting, Payroll and Project Management software. Our Professional Services team will work with customers to define what information is transferred to each interfacing application and then can create a custom module tailored specifically for them.

Implementation Services
With our innovative implementation method our professional services team will ensure that your timesheet implementation stays on schedule, on budget and in-line with your business needs.

Atlas Forums
This forum includes solutions to installation issues, common problems, Frequently Asked Questions, as well as tips on using our software better.

Helpdesk Support
If you have any questions regarding our products or would be more comfortable with any of them, please feel free to contact Atlas support team department. Email our support staff with your problem. Support engineers are at your side, answering your questions and resolving technical issues as soon as they arise so that Atlas Timesheet’s productivity solutions are always available.